What’s all these?

Working-progress is a developing software that utilizes different reward systems from Role Playing Video Games to motivate the employee and help them visualize their progress with new gamification tools. The idea stems from the different resources utilized by gaming companies to keep players engaged. Resources such as development trees (for example) and many others have never been used in the workplace, but scientific research concludes that they are the soul and drive of long term engagement.

“Why why why…?

…do we spend countless hours into playing monotonous ‘point and click´games and even pay for them, but when faced with other repetitive tasks we consider them mind-numbingly boring and tedious?”

Here we saw an opportunity: reward systems could be applied for Long-term work benefits as well. We could use them to motivate workers by utilizing the same tools that got us caught in hours of gaming.

The same Role Playing Games element that are found in video games and are designed to captivate and engage you into playing a game are applicable in the gamification industry IN THE LONG TERM.

Nowadays only the most basic and immediate elements of gaming are used as gamification tools. Researchers show that reward systems, such as found in games can be adapted and applied in the workplace to maintain the interest just like it is done in Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MORPG), where players are motivated to do precise tasks, collect items and receive rewards.

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